IABC PPR Silver Quill Awards – Entries due Sept. 15, 2014


Silver Quill 2014: Saluting Top-Flight Communications

Greetings, communications professionals across the IABC Pacific Plains Region!

May we have your attention please: Welcome aboard this year’s 2014 Silver Quill Awards, honoring top-flight work with measureable results from best-in-class communicators.

Get ready to empower your career to soar.
The Silver Quill Awards give professional communicators in our region an opportunity to showcase their best work. Your inclusion in the prestigious ranks of the Silver Quill solidifies with colleagues, clients and employers that you are one of the world’s most revered communication navigators.

The 2014 Silver Quill Awards program is easier than ever.
This year, we have better aligned the 2014 Silver Quill Awards with the international IABC awards process by offering an easy online submission process with our partner AwardSentry. This means the wide variety of work you do to move your business or organization forward now has a seat waiting for it in the Silver Quill program. Entrants submit a work plan and work sample that trained business communicators evaluate using an approved standard for communications excellence.

Following in the footsteps of IABC’s renowned Gold Quill Awards program, the Pacific Plains Region Silver Quill Awards is implementing some powerful changes this year.

  • Alignment with the Gold Quill Awards program deadlines means that once you get feedback from judges on your Silver Quill entry, you can quickly make any needed adjustments and enter in the Gold Quill program.
  • Trained communication evaluators will review your entry using a standardized criterion for communications excellence.
  • Constructive feedback plays a much larger role in the new evaluation scoring process, making it easier to refine your entry to submit in future award programs. Also, better feedback helps you to improve future communications projects.

Before you get started, obtain some pointers and how-to tips in How to Create an IABC Awards Entry in 24 Hours. Get ready to ascend to communications greatness: Submit your 2014 Silver Quill Entry.

About Student Entries
A student or a group of students may submit entries. At the time the work was created, the student must be attending school full-time or part-time working toward a degree at a college, university or other educational institution. Entrants who were enrolled as a student but have professional communication experience or are employed in the communication profession must submit their entry as a regular or non-member.

Work produced for educational courses, a club or volunteer association, an internship or commercial and non-commercial activities, including work for an IABC chapter or region are eligible for submission. Professors or advisers may not enter on behalf of a student.