Unleash Your Inner Awards Vixen

By Lara Plathe

Let’s face it. You’ve been waiting a long time to tell your peers that you’re an IABC Bronze Quill Award winner.

Now’s your chance to unleash your Inner Awards Vixen and garner the prestige and esteem you know you deserve. But you must hurry if you want to share your innovation, inspiration and fantastically creative ideas with fellow IABC members. Bronze Quill entries and entry fees must be received by Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Forget about the “I’m too busy” excuse

I know what you’re thinking. With a new year upon us and new projects consuming our thoughts, who has time to put together entries for another silly awards program?

Here’s a little secret: Bronze Quill isn’t just another silly awards program. It’s your chance to receive unrivalled recognition within your profession. And it isn’t difficult or time-consuming to enter the Bronze Quill Awards. You’ve already completed the hard work when you designed your projects:

  • You identified a need or opportunity
  • You studied your audience

  • You defined goals and objectives for the project
  • You developed a unique and effective solution
  • You evaluated the outcome and results once the project was implemented

All that’s left is to take the project planning you’ve already completed and simply write it up in a cohesive Work Plan. Even that’s pretty simple when you follow the “Samples” provided on the IABC/Iowa website at:


You could be the next winner. And even if you don’t win (but I bet you will), you’ll feel renewed and enriched as a result of entering the awards program. What better way to put a smile – or devilish grin – on the face of your Inner Awards Vixen.

Questions about Bronze Quill?

E-mail Kevin.shoesmith@mercer.com.

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