Archives for January 10, 2011

Add Sparkle to Your Portfolio

As a communications professional, I’m always looking for ways to advance my career and add to my portfolio. I keep my eye out for new projects and training opportunities as ways to gain credentials. Another way to add to your portfolio is by entering the IABC Bronze Quill recognition program.

Putting together an entry
Just two years ago I decided to enter some of my work into the IABC Bronze Quill awards. After asking my boss if I could use some of my professional development money to apply, I looked back at my past year’s work and decided what projects I was most proud of and matched them appropriately to the categories.

Then came the fun part. One of the most rewarding parts of the entry process for me was filling out the work plan. It’s where you get to examine and record all of the hard work and planning that goes into making your project a success.  After that, all I had to do was send in my work plan and work samples to be judged.

And the award goes to…
Attending the awards ceremony was another highlight of entering the Bronze Quill. The ceremony is a great chance to network with peers from across central Iowa. The entries aren’t judged against each other, so everyone was rooting for each other to do well.

My individual work received an award that year along with some group projects I was a part of. It was an honor to have my work recognized and another plus was the valuable feedback received from the judges’ comments.

Overall I think the IABC Bronze Quill recognition program is an invaluable way to add to your professional portfolio and resume. It’s a program I want to be involved in throughout all levels of my career.

Access all of the Bronze Quill forms you’ll need to enter this year’s competition here.