Archives for February 26, 2010

What Can MemberSpeak Do For You?

How nice would it be to have a place where one could pose questions, ask for help, and connect with other communicators from around the globe?  It’s not only nice but also readily available at IABC through a forum called MemberSpeak. Free and accessible 24 hours a day, it is a bustling community full of questions and answers from IABC members. Topics range from employee communications, crisis planning, and media relations to the value of promotional products, podcasting, and social media. Before you put your online guard up, operating under the notion this is just another time waster, allow me to share a story.

I was the newly appointed community relations coordinator for a long-term healthcare organization. My boss wanted me to pitch a big news angle to local outlets. Although I had done this before, it was never with so much pressure. I had one chance to get it right, and my new job depended on it. Literally. As the stress mounted, I found I still had questions I needed answered before I could successfully launch the campaign. 

Desperate for answers, I searched IABC’s Web site for anything I could find, and came across MemberSpeak. I posted a jumbled question I thought no one would respond to, let alone understand. But a day later, a member from the San Antonio chapter responded. She offered her phone number and encouraged me to call her. During our conversation, she not only walked me through the nuances of what I was about to do, but she also gave me content I could use in e-mails and over the phone. Her advice saved my career (the organization landed on the front page of newspapers and network news stations). And she did this without charging me a dime.

So the next time you find yourself in a bind or fresh out of ideas, check out MemberSpeak. Far from being a waste of time, it could just be the ticket to your successful future. To find it, visit IABC and click on Communities.