10 Tips for Producing Effective Video

by Michael Endy

  • Keep the program short.
  • Identify and drive home one or two key messages.
  • Connect with viewers on a personal, emotional level.
  • Tell a memorable story.
  • Make the video worth talking about and sharing.
  • When possible, let real people tell the story.
  • Use interesting visual environments to gain and retain attention.
  • Answer the viewer’s question:“What’s in it for me?”
  • Move detailed information to the Web or print.
  • Be creative in your approach and innovative with your distribution—video can be powerful when strategically placed on a cell phone or on the side of a building.

Michael Endy is director of integrated programs at JPL, a strategic, integrated communication company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He leads a team of writers, producers and consultants who develop and manage integrated communication programs and campaigns. E-mail Michael at MEndy@JPLcreative.com.