Bronze Quill FAQ

What if I have confidential information in my work plan or sample?
If the information is too sensitive to share and cannot be hidden or masked in the work plan or sample, it may not be appropriate for the Bronze Quill awards. If you are able to omit the confidential information and still have a solid work plan or sample, then go for it. Keep in mind – judges aren’t looking for confidential information. They are looking for what your goals were, what you achieved, and how you went about executing your communication work.

What if I don’t have my payment ready when I submit my entry?
Payment must accompany all entries.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?
IABC/Iowa is not set up to receive payment by credit or debit card for Bronze Quill entries.

Who is judging my entry?
IABC chapters from around the U.S. are judging IABC/Iowa’s entries. Our entries are never judged locally.

What are judges looking for in a work plan?
Judges are looking for your project goals, outcomes, and how you achieved your communication piece. They will want to know about your budget as well as about challenges you faced, and whom you were targeting. The more specific, the better.

What do I need to submit with my entry?
For each entry, you will need:

  • two copies of your work plan
  • two copies of your work sample
  • three copies of your entry form
  • payment

If you are entering the same piece more than once in the competition, you will need to include payment and three copies each of the work plan, sample, and entry form for each submission.

When will I find out if I won?
E-mails to winners are usually sent in the middle to latter part of April, once all scores are tallied. The ceremony will take place in May.